Where Can I Use Pre-Printed Identification Labels?

id labelsAsset tracking is an essential component for many businesses today. Using modern technology, companies can manage and monitor all of their assets through a single system. Many cost-effective options exist for asset security labels of all types, including barcode labels, security labels, and more.

For companies that do not have the time or resources to design and print their asset security labels, pre-printed identification labels can be used to monitor and protect a variety of resources in a range of environments.

Pre-printed identification labels can help your company save time and money while enjoying all of the advantages of asset tracking. Many companies offer asset security labels in various styles, colours, shapes, and adhesive ability. To make keeping track of assets more streamlined, companies can turn to barcode labels, which can be scanned by machine, or colour-coded labels, for easy, visual identification.

As you determine which of your assets need labels, you need to consider where these pre-printed identification labels can be used. The short answer is, almost anywhere. Labels can be customized to fit nearly every surface and withstand even the harshest conditions. The following are some situations and environments in which pre-printed identification labels can be put to use:

Indoor Settings

For indoor settings, such as offices or schools, asset security labels can be made from a variety of materials such as polyester, vinyl, metallic, or plastic. They can be tailored to fit surfaces that are smooth and flat, or curved and irregular. Barcode labels can be useful in environments with a lower risk of loss or damage, but you still need an accurate record of your assets—especially moveable assets such as furniture, computers, or phones, which can change locations several times within the same company. Permanent adhesives ensure that the label will stick to the asset for a lifetime.

High Security Assets

For high-security assets, tamper-proof labels/tamper-evident labels are an excellent choice. Some of these asset labels are destructible, meaning they are virtually impossible to remove in one piece, and cannot be reused. Others are tamper-evident, and leave the word “void” behind on the asset’s surface and back of the label if detached. Make sure that if you are using a barcode or serial number, you choose a durable label where the numbers cannot be damaged or rubbed off.

Metal Asset Tags

Metal asset tags are extremely durable and resistant to heat, abrasion, UV rays, and chemicals. With these, your information (i.e., company name and contact number) is sealed into a foil or rigid asset tag that can vary in thickness to suit even the most harsh conditions. These heavy-duty labels are especially useful for challenging environments such as industrial settings or long-term exposure outdoors.

Custom Labels

Custom pre-printed identification labels are also available for specific products, including bicycles and cell phones.

Pre-printed labels can be a lifesaver to companies seeking asset tracking for a greater level of security. However, use special consideration before labelling products that have a warranty or existing asset number, or assets such as antiques that can depreciate if marked.

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