What are the Main Benefits of Barcode Asset Tracking and Security Labels?

barcode labelsIn order to create a unified system of monitoring and tracking assets, your company will benefit greatly from the use of barcode and asset security labels. Barcode asset security labels and tracking can help your company control inventory, prevent losses, monitor maintenance/repairs, track asset movement, fill orders, and much more.

Businesses can choose from a variety of bar code and security labels for all types of assets, from computers and machinery to office furniture and equipment, as well as properties including buildings, signs, lighting systems and more. With new technologies continuously being developed, asset tracking has become increasingly streamlined and cost-effective for companies in a wide range of industries.

The following are some of the benefits of asset tracking and asset security labels:

With a unique barcode and batch number, products can be easily tracked regardless of where they are. This can be especially useful with moveable assets. Computers, for example, may change locations multiple times within one company; using a barcode on assets like these can reduce the risk of loss and assist in assigning equipment and accurate record keeping. A barcode can help you obtain real-time updates on a product’s location, whether it is out for delivery or being moved from one site to another.

Using barcodes reduces the risk of human error. When monitoring or maintaining your assets, it is essential to keep accurate records. Barcode scanners can provide companies with error-free tracking and recording, which is especially vital for businesses with large or varied inventories.

Why Use Asset Security Labels?

Many companies rely on asset security labels to monitor and protect assets that could be taken, lost, or damaged. Security labels can be critical for companies with valuable assets, or those that require verified ownership. These labels can be tailored to fit your business needs, regardless of the surface type and environment where they will be used. Barcode labels, which can be made of vinyl, hard plastic or metal, can include customized information such as the company name, logo, or phone number, making it easier to recover assets that have been stolen or lost.

Barcode and asset security labels are highly durable, suiting companies in a variety of industries. Many asset labels contain exceptionally strong adhesives, making removal nearly impossible from surfaces ranging from paper and plastic to outdoor equipment and heavy-duty industrial machinery. Some labels are designed to be tamper-evident/tamper-proof; some leave behind the word “void” if detached.

Asset tracking can provide a clearer view of machines that need constant maintenance and repair. A company can improve efficiency and expenses by evaluating the risks and benefits of fixing a machine that presents recurring problems. Knowing how frequently your equipment needs to be updated or maintained can also assist in project planning.

Barcode asset tracking and security labels have become increasingly accessible. Devices (such as barcode scanners) are lightweight and can be synchronized with your computer or online database.

Modern technology has helped create many cost-effective options and high-quality products to offer companies a unified, easy-to-use system for monitoring and protecting a range of assets.

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