Uses and Benefits of the Integrated Label

If you own a business, you are likely always looking for ways to save time. One way to do this is by using integrated labels. The integrated label is a self-adhesive label that’s been laminated onto a printable inkjet or laser sheet. Integrated labels can be thought of like inkjet labels on steroids; a multi-purpose and cost-effective means of labelling products and communicating information to customers.

Integrated labels are used by businesses of every kind, from multi-channel retailers to online merchants. One label can be used for three purposes: an invoice, a delivery note and a return label.

Benefits of the Integrated Label

Because all of the needed information is contained on the label, there are no worries about errors in the delivery address. As well, the information on an integrated label eliminates mistakes in the detail of the item inside the package.

The printing of the information on integrated labels can be done all at once, saving loads of time. If using a printing company, they can essentially print three jobs in one go.

For those working to fulfil orders in a company, they can peel the delivery label directly off of the invoice. And there’s no worry about mismatches occurring between orders and items, which can result in costly downtime and much frustration down the road before things can be sorted.

More time-saving benefits of integrated labels are the fact that there’s no need for information to be keyed in on several separate occasions at different points in the process. This reduction in keying errors means better customer service and ultimately, a higher chance of customer loyalty and repeat business.

The integrated label is available in more than one type. For example, information can be printed on double label paper. Different label size can also be chosen.

Significantly less waste is another benefit of using the integrated label. Instead of having the waste of three separate sheets of paper, there is only the waste from one at the end of the ordering and delivery process.

The Difference between Label Printers and Integrated Labels

Some business owners wonder which is better; purchasing a label printer or having integrated labels printed. Really, the choice is individual. The business owner must decide which method works best for the way their business is structured.

The main difference between a label printer and an integrated label is that the label printer has one specific purpose, which is to print labels. With this option, both the label printer and the labels for it must be purchased.

If a business has its own office or home printer, the integrated label can work with that unit without the added cost of purchasing a label printer.

Label Quality Matters

There are several elements that need to be present in order for an integrated label to have high quality. However, these elements will depend on the unique needs of the business.

The thickness of the label will be important, as it will allow the label to stand out more when placed on a product. A thicker label may also last longer, thereby allowing it to survive the entire process from ordering to returns.

The same is true of adhesive quality, which must be high if a label will remain on a product for a long period of time. Label size will also matter if the goal is to be able to read information from a distance.

Of course, all of the above aspects will have an impact on the final cost to purchase the labels. But when it’s all been said and done, the integrated label can work wonders for just about any business.

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