Top 5 Tips on Printing Sticky Labels for Businesses

sticky labelsWhether using an inkjet or laser printer, printing sticky inkjet laser labels can be a bit of a headache for businesses. It may be a matter of incorrect alignment, paper jams and misfeeds, printing in the wrong direction, or any other number of mistakes that can cause a great deal of frustration and waste valuable time.

The following are some tips for hassle-free printing of inkjet laser labels for your business: 

1) Make Sure you Have the Correct Labels for your Job

Some labels are specially designed for inkjet printers, others for laser printers; labels come in all different sizes, shapes and textures. Avoid jams and printer damage by checking whether the labels are suitable for your printer; for example, many glossy labels cannot be used with inkjet printers. Make sure to enter the label brand, size and product number before printing for maximum printing performance.

2) Use a Template to Create your Labels

Many different label templates are available through a variety of word processing, desktop publishing, and design programs, or through label companies who provide their own label printing software. Templates can be used for a variety of business printing needs, from a single label to mass mailings, and from address labels to special-shaped sticky labels. Many templates have a range of features so you can customise your labels; add images (i.e., company logo); use different font types/sizes; mail merge; and more. In addition to making it easier to design labels, template software may also provide instructions for how to feed the label sheets into your printer, and offer different printing options.

3) Print a Test Page

You should print a test page to save time, frustration, and a potential waste of expensive inkjet laser labels. Regardless of how careful you are, it’s not always easy to predict whether your labels will print correctly. First do a print preview on-screen to view the page. You should then print a sample on a plain sheet of paper. For mailing labels, make sure the font and background are clear enough for the post office to read easily.

4) Check the Alignment of the Text

Put your test page on top of the label sheet and hold it up to a light. If the alignment is off, try centering the text within the label cell; allow at least a 2mm space between your text and the edge. Using a single sheet feeder to print one or two sheets at a time can also help with alignment.

5) Make Sure Label Sheets are Being Properly Fed into the Printer

Fan the stack of label sheets before loading; keep in mind that bent or curled corners can lead to jams. Top label makers suggest placing the label sheets in the tray on top of 25 sheets of plain paper. Make sure each sheet only goes through the printer once; trying to print a second time on the same label sheet can cause labels or adhesive to get stuck inside the printer.

By keeping these tips in mind, your business will be able to print professional-quality inkjet/laser labels with ease alternatively, let the professionals do it for you. Contact us today on 01530 830 770.

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