These Label Types Can Enhance the Security of Your Business

security labelsVirtually every business owner has experienced some loss of product in some form or another. In fact, product loss costs businesses millions of dollars annually. Tampering, shoplifting and counterfeiting can make the tracking and managing of inventory a nightmare for business owners.

Luckily, in these modern times, business owners have the option of employing a very clever defence: added security in the form of labels. These tamper-evident stickers can be placed anywhere and provide both the business and its customers with peace-of-mind.

Holographic Labels

One of the more impressive label types used by business owners is the holographic label. These labels are self-destructive. Once the sticker has been peeled, it can no longer be used on any other item. Many business owners choose holographic labels for their versatility. Not only do they prevent losses, but they can also be made with the company logo on them. Holographic labels can also be created to be resistant to the elements, making them a good choice for a broad range of indoor and outdoor applications.

Barcode Labels

It’s likely that you’ve seen the barcode labels on most products in the store. However, did you know that the barcode contains much more than just information about the product? This common security label type allows for large numbers of that product to be tracked thanks to the optical data it contains. This optical data can be read by a scanning machine or image software, unless it has been tampered with in some way or removed entirely.

Metalon Labels

This type of label can often be seen on computers, printers, projectors and similar products. The Metalon label looks as though it is made of metal, but is constructed of a polyester vinyl material. This type of label can be printed in a wide range of styles, and can contain sequential numbering for unique product identification. This makes it ideal in environments where several similar types of equipment are present, such as in an office having several computers.

Vinyl Labels

Where the goal is to ensure the security of products inside containers, the vinyl label is a good choice. This type of label is visible on everything from cookie tins to eyeliner. Should the vinyl label be ripped or removed, it indicates instantly that the product has been tampered with in some way. For personal products like lipstick, the vinyl label is an excellent way to ensure the safety of the customer.

Stretch Labels

Made of polyethylene, the stretch label contains a high-tack adhesive as well as stretch capability. The latter makes the stretch label the ideal application where some movement of the product is expected due to shipping or frequent handling.

A wide range of techniques is required in order to manufacture and print the specialised labels mentioned above. Unfortunately, unless your business has the capability to produce one or more of these security label types, you will have to search for a company experienced in their manufacture. The cost to have these labels printed for your business depend on several factors, including the number of labels needed, the type of product needing to be secured and how the product will be handled.

Regardless of the kind of label you choose for the products offered by your business, there’s no doubt that today’s security label offers much more in the way of preventing product loss than their ancestors did. That can save your business a lot of money in the long run, as well as put you in a favourable light with your insurance company should theft of your products occur.

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