The Magnetic Label

When labels need to be relocated at will, having to remove permanent labels from inventory or sticking new labels on top of old are simply not practical solutions. The magnetic label offers an all-round solution where labels need to be frequently moved and removed.

Why Choose Magnetic Labels?

Magnetic security labels come with a host of advantages. They fit perfectly with warehouse environments where products are constantly being shipped and moved. This environment demands productivity and efficiency, something that magnetic labels can help to ensure. In these environments where products are overstocked or need to be relocated, magnetic labels can be quickly removed as needed.


The magnetic labels some companies are opting for can also include colour coding or graphics to help them more easily identify the location of stock, as well as add to the existing functionality of the label. For this to be possible, however, the label must have a polyester face stock for printability.


Magnetic labels are also more durable than other label types. Magnetic labels are resistant to all manner of household and general cleaners, as well as being resistant to water, acids and oil. This increases their durability and greatly extends the environments in which they can be used.

Added Protection

Magnetic labels are superior to many other types of security labels in that they can have a laminated added to them which protects from harsher chemicals and abrasion. This means that they can be used in extreme environments without sacrificing their usability.

They Move with your Stock

The adhesive labels of old leave behind a sticky mess when removed. Not only does this cost time and create additional waste, but it can also damage the finish on racking. Magnetic labels leave nothing behind when removed, and their ability to be quickly removed means they move as your stock does.

Determining Factors for Effective Label Selection

The right choice of magnetic label begins with the correct manufacturer. Any manufacturer you consider for your magnetic labels should be able to create them according to the needs of your warehouse operations as well as your inventory control. This means that the manufacturer’s specifications need to match those of the labels you need.

The most effective magnetic label will be one that is durable and whose information is easily read. This will entail choosing a font that can be easily read, something you may need to discuss with your printer. Another consideration will be whether or not you wish your magnetic labels to contain other elements such as a company logo.

Another consideration that needs to be made is regarding the label’s backing. Magnetic labels should have magnetic backers having a multiple-pole organisation pattern so the label can be evenly magnetised on every surface it is placed on.

Sizing, Coding and Graphics

There are many sizes of magnetic labels, including custom sizing. Most of these label types are available with common codes like QR and data matrix. Any graphics on a label will be black with a white background, and can have colours added for whatever identification process your warehouse employs.

Anywhere Metal Exists

The best part about magnetic labels is that they can be used on any objects made of metal. That allows anything from racking, shelves, bins and the like to be instantly and effectively labelled. Magnetic labels can go beyond the warehouse and also be used in chain stores, distribution centres and any other such location to replace paper labels.

When magnetic labels have been implemented, the result is much time saved in trying to remove, replace and relocate them. As well, they remove the occurrence of confusion and the inherent inefficiency that often accompany the use of traditional labels.


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