The Clear, Round Security Label

Clear round security labels are ubiquitous these days. Found on everything from CD and software packaging to cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, the clear round label may be small, but it’s a very useful way to secure products.

When applied, the clear round label makes a product tamper-proof. Without it a product would be simple for any shopper to open. Why is this significant? Because as soon as a product has been opened, it puts the integrity and contents of the box into question.

If you’ve ever ordered anything from software company, it likely arrived in a sleeve of some sort, sealed with a white or clear security label, which assures you that the disc you are receiving is new and has not been tampered with.

Security Label Applications

For the business owner needing to seal their retail product, using a permanent adhesive label which is sticky enough to keep the product closed and free from tampering is a good idea. However, it’s important that the label not be so sticky that the customer will have to damage the product’s case in order to open it.

Of course, there are retail situations which will require your security labels to have a stronger, more permanent adhesive in order to prevent theft or tampering. Labels with these adhesives can also be used to secure products that are going to be shipped a great distance to the customer, and will endure a lot of bumps and rough handling.

While a stronger seal may be required for products that are in hard containers, a clear round seal with regular-strength adhesive can be more than enough for products that are packaged in plastic bags.

Is a Clear, Round Security Label The Correct Choice?

Although it may seem like a simple selection to make, it’s important to consider that the clear, round label you want to use may not be the right product choice. For example, if you need a higher degree of security, the round seal may not be able to offer it to you.

The same is true if you need to seal a larger package or make it tamper-proof or tamper-evident. For these purposes, other seal methods like a ‘void’ label or dye pack may be best.

The round security seal does work for products sold in the food, medical, retail and pharmaceutical industries, but the products sold in these industries may not need the same level of security as, say evidence that is being submitted in a court case.

Using Security Labels Properly

Whether you apply a round tamper-proof seal or a weatherproof metal seal, the same thing remains true: all seal types are attached with some sort of adhesive, and that adhesive needs time to ‘cure’. The minimum time for any label to cure is 24 hours. This will allow the label to grip whatever surface you’ve applied it to. It will also allow time for the adhesive to bond with the surface to which it was applied. In both scenarios, the security of the applied label will increase, as the bond between the label’s adhesive and the surface will become stronger over time.

Getting Professional Advice

If you aren’t sure about which type of label is right for you, it can help greatly to ask a professional printer. They will not only be able to recommend the right size of round label for your application, but they should also be able to suggest alternative label types to you in the event that a round adhesive label is not the most secure option for your retail or mailing application.

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