Tamper Proof Security Labels

Security labels are designed to deter thieves, reduce shoplifting and combat other malicious activities by making it impossible for wrong-doers to remove the labels and steal products from retail stores. Nearly all retail shops have, at one point or another experienced a problem with shoplifting and product tampering. Including problems with individuals attempting to resell products that are clearly marked ‘not for resale.’

Business and shop owners must be diligent in mitigating the risk of theft and product tampering. Security labels, also known as tamper proof labels, were created with this need in mind. The most commonly relied upon labels are crafted of special vinyl and are designed to meet the specific requirements of the individuals who purchase them.

There are two primary types of security labels; destructible vinyl and indestructible vinyl:

1) Indestructible vinyl makes product tampering impossible

Indestructible vinyl is used most often for sealing items or products that should not be opened prior to purchase. These include things like cosmetics, food, medicine, personal hygiene products or anything else that for health and safety reasons must remain securely sealed until its final sale. Tamper resistant security labels are a great way to see to it that beauty products and food items are safe and free from outside contaminants. Another use for indestructible labels is for use in marking merchandise and making it extremely difficult for others to resell your product as their own. These labels use a strong adhesive that make removal difficult and extremely obvious.

2) Destructible labels identify removal attempts

Destructible labels, on the other hand, are crafted with vinyl that uses a unique adhesive that will force the label to rip into pieces if someone attempts to remove it. These labels display obvious attempts of removal of theft of a product. Destructible labels allow shop owners and manufacturers to better identify instances of shoplifting and make it easier to pinpoint thieves on security footage. More often then not removing these labels is so time-consuming and difficult that shoplifters often forgo their attempts to remove the label out of fear of being caught.

Laminating prolongs the durability of security labels

In order to increase the lifespan of a label and to make it stronger and more durable, printers are capable of laminating it, if requested. The lamination process has been proven to increase label effectiveness and enhance the average label shelf life from seven to ten years, making this process very worthwhile for the cost conscious business owner or manufacturer. Additionally, security labels can be numbered in a way that simplifies that tracking process and helps to potentially recover merchandise that has been removed from stores or warehouses.

Security labels are often recognised for their ability to ‘pay for themselves’ when compared to the amount of added protection they provide against shoplifters, illegal product resales and fraud.

All major retailers and shop owners should be concerned with loss prevention

Loss prevention is a major concern or all retailers, and it should be. Every time that a product is illegally removed from a store, profit losses are experienced and their bottom line is directly affected.

Tamper proof vinyl security labels are the most affordable and effective means to ward off would-be shoplifters and anyone who would serve to gain from tampering with a product or removing it from the store and reselling it as their own. Other features that security labels can have include holographs, barcodes and colour changing seals.