Is Print Media Extinct?

You may wonder, in these days of digital marketing whether print media actually has any value to your advertising campaign. After all, virtually everyone has a mobile phone, and no one reads the newspaper anymore, do they?

The truth is that traditional print media is as powerful as it’s ever been. Marketing pros know that an effective mix of promotional materials is not complete without both print and digital media. Both elements must work together seamlessly for a brand experience that moves easily between digital and physical. However, what are the elements that make up an effective traditional print media campaign?

Direct Mail

Direct mail was the most effective way to get the message out about a company as recently as 20 years ago. And it still has the same punch; research has revealed the power of direct mail. When one reads print, a different mechanism is engaged than the one when a person reads online material. Online, a reader tends to place their attention on several things at a time. However, offline reading is more focused, with the reader placing their attention on a single element at a time.

Magazine Advertising

Advertising in magazines can have dual impact; not only does it expose potential millions to your brand, but it also aligns your brand with the magazine’s image, which can make it easier for readers to remember you. Magazines are already targeted to a particular audience, meaning that your ad could receive some quality attention.

Newspaper Advertising

Just like magazines, newspapers are targeted to readers. However, they are more focused on opinion than on buying motivation as with magazines. Those who read newspapers do so because they seek information and wish to educate themselves. Tailoring your message for newspapers can be as easy as crafting an op-ed piece which informs readers about your opinion on a subject. Alternatively, you may wish to consider a spotlight piece which devotes a page or more to what you do.

Catalogue or Brochure

These forms of traditional advertising are designed to help the undecided make an informed choice. Not only that, but they help ensure that your business stays in the forefront of customers minds. The key to success with catalogues and brochures is usefulness; the more useful a customer finds your brochure or catalogue, the more likely they will be to keep it. Ensure that the information in your catalogue or brochure is as ‘evergreen’ as possible. This means content that will not ‘age’. For example, providing useful tips will work better than talking about recent news headlines.

Leaflets and Flyers

Otherwise known as door drops, the delivery of leaflets and flyers can also have a great impact on your marketing efforts. As well, they can also bridge the traditional and digital gap. Your leaflets and flyers can contain a QR code, special tracking links and similar elements that can bring your customers to your online door.

These all represent varying channels that can be used to communicate with your potential and existing customers. They each also possess their own strengths which you can exploit to grab and retain the attention of your customers. Print media offers you a higher degree of security beyond that which simpler marketing like that on product labels can supply; it gives multi-faceted information about your company that readers can use to improve their own lives, or at least associate with publications that are already helping them to do so. A professional print marketing professional can advise you on the best combination and course of action for a campaign that combines both traditional and print advertising.