Leaflet vs. Flyer – What’s The Difference?

One eternal argument that continues to take place is what differentiates a leaflet from a flyer. In fact, many companies who offer the printing of both types of advertising are often asked the difference between the two. Most unfortunate is the fact that the terms ‘leaflet’ and ‘flyer’ are used interchangeably, making the situation even more confusing. This is because flyers and leaflets have many of the same characteristics, including:

  • That they are printed sheets containing information of a promotional nature;

  • That they are both used to promote events, special offers and product sheets;

  • That they are very low in cost to have printed.

In addition to the above similarities, flyers and leaflets are both essentially ‘disposable’ types of advertising, being thrown away once their short term of usefulness has ended. However, the lifespan of the information contained on a flyer is usually far shorter than that contained within a leaflet.

Appearances and Cost

In the case of flyers, there is usually little in the way of graphics or design; because they are designed to grab the attention of as many people as possible. The flyer is usually printed on brightly coloured paper that is of all-purpose weight, such as A6 paper.

The leaflet is usually more professionally-designed, with far more thought given to its content. The leaflet can also be printed on coloured paper or in colour. However, the weight of the paper leaflets are printed on is often different from the weight used to print flyers, usually A4 or A5.

Due to the differences in paper weight, a leaflet will cost more to print than a flyer. As well, leaflets will cost more to print because they contain more elements and colours in its design than the majority of flyers do.

Then and Now

In the old days, a flyer would refer to a printed sheet that was used to promote events like concerts, special club theme nights and the like. If you’ve ever heard of something called a Club Flyer, then you are well aware of what the term ‘flyer’ used to mean. A leaflet was usually used to communicate some sort of information or advertising for charities and political parties.

Today, leaflets and flyers are described totally differently. The flyer is now described as a single and unfolded sheet of paper that’s been printed on one or both sides which contain some kind of advertising information. The usual paper weight for leaflets is 300-350gsm.

The modern brochure is also a single and unfolded sheet of paper that can be printed on one or both sides. It can be flat or folded, and contains both marketing and advertising information. The typical weight for paper being used for the printing of leaflets is 130, 150 or 170gsm.

Who Should Print Which Type of Document

If you run a business like a pizza shop or nightclub, then a flyer is likely the right advertising medium for you. However, if you are a corporate business, you may wish to consider a leaflet to communicate your message. Of course, there is no one type of advertising that is only suited to one business; a flyer can work just as well for a corporate business as it would a nightclub or pizza shop.


Understanding the difference between leaflets and flyers is especially important where pricing is concerned. This is because the VAT can be applied differently, depending on which one is chosen.

Regardless of the type of advertising selected for printing, a quality company can ensure that you receive the right number of flyers or leaflets on time.