What are the Benefits of Laser Printing A4 Address Labels?

address labelsAll companies need a hassle-free system for creating mailings in order to communicate effectively and professionally. However, for those without an understanding of the best products and systems for creating labels, this may be easier said than done.

For starters, your choice of printers can make a world of difference in how smoothly your office functions. Inkjet printers work well for specialized projects and high-quality colour printing, but laser printers are considered both highly functional and cost-effective. Many companies looking to print A4 address labels reliably and quickly, regardless of the project’s size, depend on laser printers to get the job done.

The Office Workhorse

Often referred to as an office “workhorse,” a laser printer can hold over 3,000 sheets of paper—as opposed to the typical load of 100 sheets for an inkjet printer—and uses a toner cartridge, requiring fewer refills than inkjets. Laser printing is also faster than traditional methods, with speeds ranging from 12 to 45 pages per minute, making it quite a useful tool for companies with large jobs or tight deadlines.

Durability and Reliability

Since address labels must withstand a variety of conditions, companies need access to durable printing and labels. In this regard, laser printing again tends to be a more reliable choice than inkjet, since the ink for inkjet laser labels is fused—essentially melted—into the paper, creating smudge-proof and water-resistant labels. Though you should always make sure your labels are suitable for laser use, laser printers accept a wide range of A4 labels, including address, mailing, shipping, and white laser labels. Waterproof A4 laser labels are available, along with metallic and fluorescent laser labels, though these glossy surfaces cannot be used in inkjet printers.

In addition, laser printers are useful for busy offices in terms of their networking ability. Editor Mark Toft of Staples, in the online article “Inkjet or Laser,” points out, “Laser printers have their own memory and, therefore, can process and manage several, simultaneous print requests sent over a network.”

Laser label templates are available through many software and word processing, desktop publishing, and design programs. Templates can be tailored to fit various needs, including mass mailings, customized shipping labels, default return addresses, mail merges, and personalized images and fonts. There are countless options for individualized design within a template, for both black-and-white and colour laser printers.

Adjusting American MS Office Templates for UK Use

Microsoft Office applications, such as Word and Publisher, feature various address label templates. However, the printing default for Microsoft programs is often the American setting of letter-sized paper. This can cause many UK companies the frustration of having their label sheet print out completely misaligned, regardless of whether it looked correct on-screen. This common problem can easily be solved by adjusting the settings (paper sizes/print configurations) to A4 paper.

Even after changing print settings to A4, mistakes can happen, so be sure to always print a test page on a plain sheet of paper. This way you can check your address labels before putting your laser “workhorse” to the task of creating professional labels for all of your needs.