Choosing a Label Manufacturer

label manufacturersYou’ve mastered the art of using templates to create the perfect label. You’ve weighed the pros and cons of using a laser or inkjet printer for your labelling job. You’ve even decided on the type of label you want to use, and whether it is compatible with inkjets, laser printers or both. All that’s left to decide is which label manufacturer offers the right services and products to fit your needs. Choosing the right label company can save a great deal of time and frustration, and in some cases will even allow you to gain the upper hand with consumers.

Whether we like it or not, sometimes products are all about appearances. Labelling plays a major role in this respect; consumers are more likely to gravitate towards a product with high-quality, attractive labelling, regardless of the quality of what is inside the packaging. When you are choosing a label manufacturer, you need to make sure they offer the style of products that will allow you to beat the competitors with that initial consumer “hook.” Something as seemingly simple as colour or size can make a world of difference for your product, regardless of your industry.

Here are some important factors to consider in your search for a label manufacturer to suit your needs:

  • Experience and expertise. Whichever company you choose should have a great deal of knowledge about different label types, layouts, materials, etc. Labels vary greatly depending on their purpose and intended environment; you may need some guidance about which one is best for your particular needs. For example, if you are labelling chemicals, there are several elements that are critical to include, and the representative assisting you needs to be knowledgeable about these regulations. Customer service is important here, too; your business deserves attention to detail and support throughout the process, such as a phone call or email to touch base after you have received the product to ensure that it meets your expectations.
  • Eye-catching variety. Most labels count on visual appeal; choose a manufacturer that offers many choices in shapes, colours, and sizes, as well as materials. Depending on your needs, you may want to use several different types of labelling; the company should be able to inform you of several options that will help you set your brand apart.
  • Quality and consistency. You get what you pay for, and what you pay for needs to be high-quality labels that look the same every time. For companies who apply labels using automated equipment, consistency includes the thickness of each roll and how tightly the labels are wound on the spool. Make sure there is a good contrast between dark and light colours, that the labels are clean and smooth with no spots or fading and that any text or images are properly aligned on every label. Also, regardless of what type of label you choose, you should be able to count on a smooth and timely ordering and delivery process.
  • Extra charges. The label manufacturer might advertise a certain price, but this can change if you have a custom order (i.e., a particular size or shape). Be aware of the costs incurred by requests for resizing your labels or artwork, viewing proofs, creating a custom shape, etc. before placing your order, so that you will not be unpleasantly surprised when it comes to billing. Label manufacturers should also be able to suggest cost-saving options to meet your budget.

Taking the time to research label manufacturers and make an informed decision can help give your company save money and gain a competitive edge.