The Warning Label: A Security Label Of A Different Sort

Every business is unique, with specific risks that may be associated with it. Therefore, providing adequate security to those who work for you or those who purchase your products becomes a top priority. Although effective in many cases, generic warning signs do not always offer enough protection to employees or customers. And it’s this situation where a custom warning label can be the solution.

The Benefits Of Custom Warning Labels

The use of security labels that have been custom-designed to warn individuals about your business’s specific risks has many benefits.

The Help You Stay Out Of Court

Where a warning sign is not sufficient, or does not communicate a danger clearly enough, litigation can soon follow. Of course, creating a product that’s as safe as possible is the first step to avoiding litigation.

The next step is to clearly communicate the risks associated with improper use. However, you cannot force anyone to take care, and if something does happen, litigation is unlikely in a case where a safe product with adequate warning labels is the subject.

They Are Budget-Friendly & Quick

One common misconception about the custom warning label is that it takes too much time to create. But the truth is that an order for customised warning labels only takes a few business days to complete, even if it is a large order.

The purchase of these labels is minimal, which is what makes them so ideal for businesses of every size to purchase and have on hand. And when you consider the cost of potential problems such as injury and litigation, the cost-effectiveness of the custom warning label increases even further.

They Protect

Warning labels are created for one reason: to protect. However, in order to be as effective as possible, a warning label must both be seen and understood by those it is meant to protect. The ultimate protection that a custom warning label can offer is only possible when the following elements are in place.

Understandable wording and clearly interpretable graphics will ensure that the label has a clear message. A label that people are not able to understand will be ignored, thereby increasing the risk of injury or other harm.

Easy compliance is another key component of an effective label. Any instructions included on the label must be both concise and easy to understand. If a complex process is necessary in order for the label reader to comply, include a reason for each step.

Any label must be large enough to be seen as well as placed in such a way as to offer the greatest possibly visibility. This is where label size, colour and line of sight come into play. When placing warning labels, think like a person who is unfamiliar with the area. Ask yourself where such a person would be looking or in which direction they may be going when deciding where to place your warning label.

They Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

When warning labels are in place, they can be a very effective business tool. When a label is designed with the unique needs of your business in mind, you can rest easy, knowing that everyone around you is protected, even if you are not there. This means that your employees and customers can enjoy continued safety as long as your business is open in a day.

While it may take some time to decide which areas of your business could benefit from a custom warning label, and then choose the best wording for it, the work you do now will bring you many future rewards in terms of healthy customers and employees, as well as money saved.