Inkjet Printer Hacks Than Can Improve Label Print Quality

inkjet printersMany people think that their printer’s quality is due to the quality of the ink that is used, or even how much they spent on their printer. While it’s true that more expensive printers do include more choices for colour and more features, this doesn’t necessarily mean that their print quality will be any better.

There are actually several factors that can affect an inkjet printer’s printing quality. If the printer software or hardware malfunctions, this can negatively affect print quality. Moreover, as far as ink is concerned, all it takes is one damaged cartridge to mess up your inkjet labels, printed images and more.

Fortunately, there are factors affecting print quality which can be controlled. These include colour saturation, print speed and resolution.

Improving Colour Saturation

Raising the colour saturation of your inkjet printer is as easy as decreasing the print speed of your printer. Print speed options can be found in the “Paper” or “Quality” tab, which can be accessed by going to Settings, Control Panel, and then clicking on your printer.

Once there, simply access the drop-down box next to Media. Your choices may include Draft Quality, Normal Quality and Best Quality. To decrease print speed, choose the highest print quality available for your printer.

Improving Resolution

Print resolution is measured in dots-per-inch or DPI. The higher the DPI, the better the resolution of printed label images will be. To reach this area of your printer, simply navigate to its advanced options, usually located in the Control Panel when you right-click on your printer and choose “Properties” . Choosing “File” and then “Print” may also bring up the option to improve resolution by increasing DPI.

Other Ways to Improve Print Quality

Paper Type – The type of paper used can also affect print quality. Not using the paper recommended by your printer’s manufacturer can result in less-than-desirable colour saturation. While this may not be a concern for those printing labels, it’s still an important point to keep in mind.

Power Down – Did you know that leaving your printer on can have a negative effect on print quality? Not shutting down your printer leaves it in standby mode, which means that the printer will be ready to print whenever it is needed. This means that print heads are uncovered for long periods of time, increasing the chance that they will become clogged with the dirt and debris that can affect print quality.

Image Resolution – High print quality on an inkjet label is only as good as the resolution of the image being used. That being said, be sure always to choose graphics that have as high a resolution as possible. This will drastically improve the quality of your labels.

Maintenance – Every printer manufacturer has a set of maintenance suggestions. To find them, just connect your printer to your computer and navigate to the printer software. Some of the more common general maintenance operations include the removal of print nozzle blockages, calibration of the printer, and the cleaning of print cartridges. Proper printer head alignment is also important, as this can also negatively affect print quality.

Upgrades – Ensuring that your printer always has the latest software, and other updates is crucial to maintaining high print quality. When the printer’s drivers are outdated or not installed correctly, the quality of your printer’s output will not be what you expect. To download new drivers, a visit to the printer manufacturer’s website is usually sufficient.

Ensuring that you’ve addressed all or most of the items above can result in a label printing experience that’s always stress-free.