Can Envelope Labels Be Made From Inkjet Printing?

Can Envelope Labels Be Made From Inkjet PrintingOver the years, developments in inkjet printers have made it a tough choice for companies deciding whether to use inkjet or laser printing for various jobs. Some prefer laser printers for high-volume, black-and-white jobs, but inkjet printers have a range of uses that can make them ideal for specialised tasks. This includes printing labels of many different varieties, including envelope labels.

A wide variety of label types are available for both inkjet and laser printers. Inkjet laser labels help give a professional look to a company’s mailings, and usually are compatible with label templates that can be found in a variety of software programs and websites. Since inkjet printers are widely used for colour printing and jobs where high-quality printing is essential, some people prefer to use inkjet printing for envelope labels in order to make the best possible impression in mailings.

The following is some advice to help you navigate your way through creating envelope labels using an inkjet printer:

Envelope Label Templates

It is usually easiest to use an envelope label template for your label creation. These templates are available through different types of software such as word processing, design, or desktop publishing programs, and are equipped to suit a variety of needs, from printing a single label to mass mailings. Many of these programs and templates include special features, such as the ability to customize your shipping labels, use default return addresses, add images (such as a company logo) to your labels, or use different font types and sizes. An inkjet printer allows you to attain high-quality colours, images and more on your envelope labels.

Correct Labels

Make sure you have the correct labels for your job; some envelope labels are designed specifically for inkjet printers and others are meant for laser printers. There are label types (i.e., some glossy surface labels) that should not be used in inkjet printers.

Sample Labels

Save yourself a hassle by first printing out a sample of your inkjet laser labels on a plain sheet of paper; then check the alignment against a sheet of labels. One benefit of using an inkjet printer is the high quality; you wouldn’t want to waste it on a sheet of labels printed on the wrong side!

Tips from Microsoft

Microsoft Windows suggests using for you to use a font that is big enough and to avoid printing out addresses on a background image that is dark or colourful, so that the post office will have no difficulty reading your address labels.

Using Microsoft Word for Labels

If you are using Microsoft Word to create envelope labels, select Letters and Mailings from the Tools menu, and choose Envelopes and Labels. Once you select Labels, you can choose the type of labels you need by clicking on Options; then click New Document. You can then copy and paste information for each label, create individual labels, or select “Full Page of the Same Label” from the Print options.

When you use an inkjet printer and label template to suit the needs of your business, you can create envelope labels that give your mailings a high-quality, professional appeal.