How to Get Your Business Out there without Cards

The business card is certainly a time-tested way of letting people know about your venture. The beauty of business cards is that they can be left virtually anywhere. Business cards also make it incredibly easy for anyone to reach you should they be interested in what you have to offer.

But there is another product taking the business world by storm: the business card sticker. Offering just as much versatility as the traditional business card, the business card sticker offers many benefits to both you and your potential customers. Business card stickers are simply your business information, printed onto inkjet labels.

Use it as a Name Badge

Instead of simply writing your name on a name tag, why not use a business card sticker? This can make a huge impact the next time you’re at a meeting or event. Not only does using a sticker allow you to provide all of your business information at a glance, but it also eliminates the possibility that your name or business title will be incorrectly spelled or interpreted.

Unlike having to fumble in your briefcase or pockets for a business card when someone states their interest at an event, you can simply show them your name tag with the sticker attached, and they can get the information they need right away.

Perfect for Presentations

If you have a presentation to make or are handing out promotional materials, little is as effective as the business card sticker. Whether you attach it to a presentation folder or a t-shirt, it is instantly different and will get attention as a result.

Business card stickers are also exceedingly professional. Their neat and clean appearance cannot be rivalled by traditional, yet messy forms of advertising like brochures, which can easily become disorganised in a folder when opened.

The ability of a business card stick to provide all of the needed information can definitely be an advantage at presentations, where those who have your folder can instantly have contact information. The adhesive nature of the business sticker means that it will always be where it was placed, making your business information easy to find whether your potential customer looked at it 3 days or 3 months ago.

The Best Travel Companion

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, the business card sticker can help you to land clients while you’re on the go. Simply stick one on your luggage tag. There’s no need to worry about the shifting or falling out that can happen when you insert a business card into your luggage tag. With a sticker that stays on your luggage tag, you can attract the eyes of potential customers throughout each stage of your journey.

Place it on Your Invoices

The simple application of a sticker to the bottom of an invoice can work wonders. Or, if your sticker design is fun and creative, you can give them to customers as a gift from your business, which they can then use on their own business or work items.

Don’t forget to add your Logo

In addition to all of the textual information a business sticker can provide, it can also help you to brand your business. Whether it appears in full colour or as a watermark, your logo will be seen whenever a potential customer looks at your presentation folder, luggage tag or other item.

It always helps to have business card stickers handy for any eventuality. If you’re a business owner who attends a lot of networking events, then you are sure to benefit from a set of business card stickers in your portfolio or briefcase. And when you’re on your way to an event, you can add your business information quickly and easily, saving you loads of time.