How to Protect your Assets using Custom Tracking Labels

asset trackingAsset tracking is a highly useful tool for companies to perform a variety of tasks ranging from inventory control to loss prevention. As modern technology continues to provide new and better ways to track assets, businesses today have many cost-effective options for using asset security labels and custom tracking labels to improve their systems.

A custom tracking label is an excellent resource for any type of business or organization. Using customized security labels can help companies retrieve stolen or lost assets as well as prevent theft and loss; aid in accurate record keeping and inventory management; streamline your tracking system into a unified process, and even keep track of maintenance and repair.

Here are some tips to keep in mind if your business is considering using custom tracking labels to protect your assets:

Determine which of your Assets Require Custom Tracking Labels

In addition to valuable or important assets, consider your moveable assets; for example, office equipment such as computers and phones can be moved multiple times within the same company, making it necessary to track their movement and verify ownership.

Decide which Type of Label Material Best Suits your Needs

There are specialized tracking labels for a variety of environments, indoors and outdoors, to withstand even the harshest conditions. For assets with a lesser risk of loss or damage, you might use barcode labels, which can be made of metal, plastic or vinyl, and contain a unique barcode and serial number. Barcode labels can also carry your company name/logo and contact number. Microchips also have a unique number that can be scanned and can be more tamper-proof than barcodes. Metallic labels are among most durable and long-lasting; your information is sealed into the label, making it resistant to harsh weather, chemicals, abrasion, and more.

Include Customized Information on your Labels

Many businesses use a title, such as “Property Of” or “For Service Call,” along with the company name, location, and contact number, for their asset tracking labels. Some labels can also feature the company logo. Serial numbers can provide an added measure of protection, provided a high-quality label is used.

Properly Apply your Asset Labels

If applying the custom labels yourself, keep in mind that many adhesives will take up to 72 hours to be completely adhered, especially with an irregular surface. Be sure to follow the instructions for application and storage to achieve the best results from your asset security labels. Also, carefully consider the location before placing your labels on your equipment. They should not be put in a spot that is hard to get to, but asset tracking labels should be placed in a location that is not very easily seen, and away from areas that encounter frequent wear.

Considering you have chosen the best type, material, personalized information, and location for your custom labels, asset tracking should be a cinch for your business. More and more companies are taking advantage of the benefits and peace of mind provided by asset tracking with custom labels.