Signs That You Need Warehouse Labels

Warehouses all over the world experience many of the same challenges. Long waiting times for inventory picking and impassable aisles are just two of the many common problems encountered. However, a simple solution can solve most or all of them: the warehouse label. Although it may seem unlikely, when strategically placed, these labels can completely eliminate common issues. If you find that your warehouse is having similar problems to the ones below, it may be time to implement this these solutions.

Not Enough Floor Space

Inefficient use of space in your warehouse can contribute to the traffic jams and other issues you may be experiencing. Labels alone will not solve this issue; your inventory will need to undergo reorganising. For example, less frequently-picked inventory should be located on higher shelves. However, once reorganisation is complete, the addition of bar code security labels on all shelves and the use of companion software will ensure that inventory that is picked most frequently is very easy, and therefore less time-consuming, to determine.

You’re Not Using Scanners

It is true that inventory used to be done manually. However, if you’re still doing this is in your warehouse, then this is likely the cause of many of your current challenges. Here again, warehouse labels can be a great help. No longer do you have worry about human error or delayed shipments; you simply fix bar code labels to your items for employees to scan electronically. This makes their job easier, as well as providing far more accurate information. It also takes far less time for employees to complete.

Your Current Labels are not Cutting It

If your labels are peeling, ripping off or becoming unreadable, this could also be a major contributor to the many issues your warehouse may be experiencing. Even the slightest unreadability can mean major delays in order picking, and cause equipment to remain in aisles longer than it needs to, causing even more delays. Your warehouse requires a specific type of label; one which will not break down with temperature changes or become unreadable over time. Implementing durable labels that can handle cold storage, inclement weather, and high traffic volumes can indeed solve many problems.

Staff are Taking Too Long to Move Inventory

If it’s taking far longer than it should to pick inventory in your warehouse and then move it to shipping areas, this is a definite sign that more durable labels are needed. When labels are easy to read and scan, no time needs to be lost. To implement this solution effectively, labels need to be located on the floor as well as on aisles, whether they are of the fixed mount or aisle variety. Ensuring that labels are placed in all of these areas will allow employees to find the warehouse areas they need in far less time. When rack labels are also in use, employees can be confident about the items they pick.

Cautions and Considerations

Errors can also occur with the implementation of labelling system For example, regardless of how simple your solution may be, it’s vital to ensure that all employees have been notified of the changes. Not doing so will render even the most sophisticated labelling and scanning systems inefficient.

Far before the system is even implemented, notifying employees of the impending change will prevent much frustration and lost time. Before the system is implemented warehouse-wide, training should occur so that employees know how to properly use the system, as well as solve any challenges they may encounter while using it.

Finally, it should be said that the above issues only represent a fraction of the problems that can arise as the result of inefficient warehouse labelling. Regardless of what picking or storage problems your warehouse may be experiencing, the implementation of warehouse labels should definitely be a consideration.

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