Peel and Reveal for Powerful Promotion and Security

The peel and reveal label is a popular choice among business owners wanting a unique method of getting their products noticed. This type of label is a space-saving innovation that can already been seen on several kinds of products, even those needing security labels such as medicine bottles. A peel and reveal label contains an upper and lower layer. The upper layer peels away, revealing information in the lower layer.

This type of label can contain as many layers as are needed to convey the required information about a product.


The peel and reveal has had a lengthy history in the medications industry, where the amount of information needing to be communicated simply will not fit on a single-layer label. Items with long ingredients lists or detailed instructions for use are one example which could benefit from a peel and reveal label.

More and more business are using this type of label to get the attention of customers. Because although this label is commonly seen on medication bottles, it is unusual when used for other purposes. Peel and reveal labels can work well when the top layer contains a company logo and a catchy headline. Curious individuals need only peel back this top layer to find out more.

Businesses that are running contests can catch attention with a tag line on the top layer, and then list the contest rules underneath. Or, these labels can be used to reveal a winner in the event that they are being used as actual contest pieces.

You can even turn collectibles into interesting peel and reveal items. This adds an extra dimension of intrigue as well as functionality, depending on the nature of the item.

Peel and reveal security labels contain usage, health and safety information on items like industrial chemicals and cleaners.

The Wraparound Peel and Reveal

One recent development has been the wraparound version of the peel and reveal label. This particular label wraps entirely around the circumference of a cylindrical container. Especially useful for small containers like those containing lip balm.

However, the wraparound label is also being used in the food and chemical industries, whose laws have changed in recent years with regard to mandatory label information. The requirement for more legible information to be accessible to customers has led to companies needing to accommodate that additional information with little or no impact on their brand.

Law in the chemical industry now calls for different sizes, room for multiple languages and specific image sizes, all of which any professional printer of peel and reveal labels will have accommodated their presses for.

Digital printing is currently the best and fastest way to get professional-looking peel and reveal labels. They also offer the ability to stay within budget, as material costs are low for this label type. Regardless of the type of peel and reveal label chosen, there are some things that bear consideration.

Firstly, it is true that this kind of label can contain a host of information in a small space. However, this doesn’t mean that you should try and fit an entire novel onto your label. Although it contains two or more layers, the text you place on your peel and reveal label needs to be legible, unless you plan to include a magnifying glass with each product purchase. Larger print may indeed mean that more layers on your label will be required. Alternatively, you can edit the text for your label so that fewer words are used.

Those who choose the peel and reveal label can rest assured that they are on the cutting edge of printed label technology.

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