Letterhead Design Made Easy

letterhead designYou may want new letterhead to go along with your new business. Or, your established business may be undergoing a re-brand. Whatever the case, you want a letterhead that gets attention for all of the right reasons. Your letterhead’s design can be a great marketing tool, telling recipients who you are and allowing them to engage with your brand as they read your correspondence.

A professional-looking letterhead not only impresses; it also gives the words in your communications credibility. It must also, however, contain all of the right details for attracting attention. As well, your letterhead must leave a lasting impression in addition to being attractive and having a tactile quality.

There’s no doubt that your letterhead must wear many hats. But just as with your inkjet labels, your letterhead must be able to clearly communicate your message. The tips below will help you to do just that.

Basic Tips

One of the most basic pieces of advice when creating any letterhead is not to over-complicate things. You may feel tempted to include several creative elements in your letterhead design, but doing this can quickly and easily overcrowd your document.

Instead, keep things as simple as you can. Your letterhead is there to help you deliver your message; it is not the message itself. If you aren’t sure if your letterhead is overpowering the actual content of the page, take a good look at it, and try and determine whether the letterhead and content appear to compete for your attention as you scan the page. If they do, it’s time to tone things down.


Does your letterhead accurately represent your company’s brand? Just like your product‘s inkjet labels, your letterhead should go beyond your logo to align with your brand in terms of imagery, fonts and colours, to name just a few. Your letterhead will be doing a great job of communicating your brand when your logo and colour scheme is being used effectively. One of the most important things to remember is that the font used in your letterhead should match that being used in your logo.


Who will be the most frequent users of your letterhead? If only one department in your company will be making use of it, considering including only that department’s email address or contact number. If being used by several departments, your letterhead is best if it lists a general email or phone number.

Don’t Distract with Colour

Colour is a great attention-getting tool. However, by using too much colour in the wrong areas of your letterhead, you risk your message being lost. A lot of colour is a great thing, but only in small bites. Placing those small bites near important letterhead sections will draw attention and communicate a specific message, as well as reinforce your branding.

Change Direction

Another way to stand out from the rest of the letterheads out there is to look at its elements. Would they be more effective and attention-getting if they were spaced differently than normal? You may be surprised at the effect when letterhead elements are moved about or text is going in an unusual direction.

Your letterhead is certainly a very important element of your business communication. However, it cannot possibly contain all of the information you may want it to. Decide what pieces of information are most critical, and work your way down the priority list. Of course, your business name is the most important. Next, your business’s location or website, and a phone number and email address are usually all that’s needed.

If you prefer a minimalistic letterhead, you may want to include only your business name and website, as your website will contain the further contact information your recipients are looking for.


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