How Iron-On Or Carpet Labels Can Enhance Your Products

If you are a textiles or clothing business, simple iron-on labels are a fast way of getting important information across to your customers. Here are some of the ways you can use iron-on inkjet labels:

Personal and Permanent

An iron-on label allows you to add a personal touch to every handmade item you sell. You have spent a lot of time to create something special, and so the best thing about the iron-on label can be that you don’t have to do any additional knitting or sewing; you need only grab an iron, place your label, and follow the instructions.

The iron-on label is made with permanency in mind; there is no worry that it will fall off of what you may attach it to, because these labels are made with permanent adhesive. These kinds of adhesives can handle hot washer and drying temperatures, fluctuations in humidity, and pulls and tugs from attempts to remove them.

Iron-on inkjet labels offer far more versatility than stickers, hang tags or other labelling solutions. You can design them to contain any number of elements, from your company name to the size of the garment (if applicable), to a place for a short and heartfelt message. There really is no limit beyond your imagination when it comes to iron-on labels.

Professional and Informative

Carpet labels provide your products with a professional touch that your customers will appreciate. Unlike other carpet tagging methods, the carpet label cannot be removed. This makes it an ideal way to give your customers the information they need about your products at a glance. For example, your carpet labels can contain information about your product’s physical properties like the pile and colour, and even contain the name of the range of carpeting so that customers can more easily locate the product they want.

For your shop staff, carpet labels can allow for a much easier time when inventory needs to be done. Instead of endless searching, employees can simply look in the designated spot on the product to find the information they need to enter into your system.

The easiest product to apply to carpet backing is the carpet pressure-sensitive label. These labels include a special adhesive which attaches immediately to the carpet backing when pressed on. No ironing is necessary for these particular labels, which means that staff can reduce the number of steps needed to secure these labels to your products.

Lots of Variety

Both iron-on and carpet labels are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and finishes so that there is something for every preference. Satin-look labels can provide your gifts and products with that perfect elegant touch. Some labels like Matt Thick allow you to adhere them to your items, and then write on them. This adds a wonderful personal touch to your items. However, if you are doing this, you want to take care to use permanent fabric markers, as this will ensure that your label doesn’t fade, bleed or get washed away when water or other liquid is applied to it.

These labels are also available in many types of packaging. You can get iron-on and carpet labels by the roll as well as by the sheet. For a truly unique look and feel, these inkjet labels can also be had in fancy shapes that have been die-cut.

If you are having trouble choosing the right labels for your products, it can help greatly to speak to a professional printer such as Jenacre. We will be able to help you choose the perfect label for all of your personal and business requirements.

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