Get Top Quality Security Labels with these Tips

Although you may have a picture in your head of the perfect labels, you may encounter many things throughout the process that can threaten their quality. This is especially something to avoid when you need security labels for your business.

Whether you are printing your labels yourself or hiring a company to do it for you, there are several things to watch out for, as they can all contribute to reduced label security.

Ensure that Label Type Matches the Purpose

Often, the material on which labels are printed is not the right type for the way in which the label will be used. For example, a lot of damage is possible for labels that will be affixed to products that are being shipped on pallets. This scenario can see the shifting, moving and rubbing of one stack onto another, which can cause scraping to occur, rendering important security information being completely unreadable. Any security label affixed to any product or piece of equipment must be able to be readable and identifiable for the life of the product on which it is placed.

Use the Correct Printing Products

All too often, the quality of the finished product can be compromised. This is usually due to errors on the operator’s side in the form of incorrect setup of the printer. However, if the setup is sound, the problem could very well lie in the fact that the incorrect ink or printer ribbon is being used for the material being printed on.

When choosing the right ink or ribbon, you must keep in mind that the required print quality is what will determine which ribbon grade you need. By not considering this, you may be putting your print job at risk for several quality problems that can include anything from missing characters, unwanted diagonal lines, smudges and fading to disintegration of material, too-thick barcode bars, poor edge definition and bars that are not dark enough.

Consider the Industry

Different industries will have different label requirements. For example, a different label will be required for use in the automotive industry than one being used in the medical industry. Every industry will have to meet its own set of labelling regulations. Again, not doing so can result in labels that deteriorate over time and lose their information.

Non-Compliance is a Real Risk

In not using the correct materials in your label printing process, you can put your business at risk of non-compliance of federal and industry regulations. Non-compliance can ultimately result in your products being seized or recalled, not to mention causing your business a significant loss of profit. Of course, the end result of all this is that your business’s reputation can take a very real hit from which full recovery may not be possible.

Quality Assurance can save the Day

Regardless of the types of labels your business prints or needs to be printed, you can improve the quality of anything you print by having some sort of quality assurance programme in place. This involves training all staff who will be directly involved with your label printing. Training should cover showing employees how to identify any issues before printing begins so that they can be eliminated before money and time are lost.

Any company, whether they are planning to print their own labels or hire a company to complete the job should ensure that all ribbon, paper and label suppliers have been consulted with to ensure that the proper materials are being used. This will allow for poor quality to be avoided, as well as compliance and damage issues. Each supplier should be able to provide a list of options for everything they sell.

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