Fixing Common Printer Problems That Can Affect Print Quality

Choosing to print labels on your own instead of using a service can seem like a cost-effective solution. But it can quickly turn into a stressful and time-consuming nightmare when things start to go wrong. In fact, you may wish you could just take a hammer to your printer. But the reality is that, despite the headaches they cause, printers are a necessity when printing inkjet labels or anything else, for that matter.

There are many things that can go wrong with a printer that can make label printing a stressful chore. But these common issues have easy fixes.

When Printing Has Lines, Is Spotty, or Isn’t Dark Enough

There’s nothing worse than buying labels, aligning your text and printing a sheet, only to find that it’s pale, intermittent or has horizontal lines through it. This can actually be due to more than one issue. Spotty text or images can be due to a clogged print head, which can be cleaned by pressing the appropriate button on your printer and then printing a test page. The same applies if you notice horizontal lines through the text on your labels.

For text that appears faded, try consulting the print dialogue, which can be accessed by right-clicking on your printer in Windows Explorer, and then choosing Properties. Under the Print Quality tab, check to see whether “Draft” or “Economy” has been selected. These options use less ink, and so will appear lighter.

Your Ink Is Out – Or Is It?

If you’ve tried to print your labels and were warned by your printer that your ink is low or out completely, you may be ready to rush to the ink store. Many printers are notorious for being unreliable where it comes to ink level warnings. But you can circumvent your fibbing machine by using several hacks like resetting the cartridge or print a test page to discover the real truth.

Printing Your Labels Is Taking Forever

If you’re beginning to think that watching corn grow is more fun than waiting for your labels to print, then you have a problem. Text labels and even those containing images should not take very long to print at all. If slow printing is your issue, the solution will likely be in your printer settings. Ensure that your printer is set to Normal, and Photo Quality, as the latter will take far longer to print, as there will be more DPI or dots per inch being dropped onto the paper.

All of Your Label Text Won’t Fiat

Admittedly, this may be more of a user issue than a printer issue. But if you can’t fit all of your desired text onto a single label, you may first want to shrink the font size. If this makes your labels harder to read, consider using bolded capital letters in a simple font like Arial. If possible, you may want to consider using bigger labels to eliminate this issue altogether.

Your Print Jobs Disappear

If you’ve told your printer to print and it never does, it could be trying to send the job to another printer. Check to see whether you may have a past printer in your control panel that you previously set as default. If you have Windows 7, it may have selected a new default unbeknownst to you. If this is the case, just enter the Printers and Faxes area, right-click your desired printer, and set it as the default.

Utilising the solutions above can go a long way to saving time and money when printing your labels, not to mention saving your sanity.

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