Choosing the Best RFID Tags for your Business

When you need to be able to securely monitor all of your products, RFID is a sound choice. With RFID standards and technology having evolved in just a few years’ time, your options are many. The great news is that all RFID security labels can add a formidable level of protection to your business. But beyond this is to ensure that the tags you choose are the best possible choice for your requirements.

Begin with your Items

What kinds of items are you looking to be able to track? This is the first and most important question to ask yourself when choosing the right RFID tags for your business. Virtually anything can be secured with RFID, but some items will require bespoke tags or those made of certain materials.

If the products you wish to track with RFID already have a tracking device like a barcode, consider how it is attached to your products. It could be embedded, printed, bolted or sewn in or onto them. It also could take different forms, such as a hanging tag or label. Whatever the case, an RFID tag is likely to be able to be affixed to your products in the same ways, and thus may be capable of replacing your current system. Of course, RFID tags can offer a very good complement to an existing security method.

Environmental Conditions

Where the weather and temperature would affect the kinds of RFID tags that were able to be chosen, today it’s more about the environment in which products are being stored at retail locations. For example, clothing not yet ready for the sales floor may be stored in a drawer, while another type of product may be hung on hooks. Certain types of storage will require particular reading capability.

How Much?

Of course, the cost is always a consideration and RFID tags are no exception. Available in a wide range of costs that can be as small as a few pence to over £60 per tag, the most cost-efficient tags are those used for retail purposes and are of the passive RFID type. Only those tags considered to be active and used for specialised purposes can provide the additional functionality which often manifests itself in a higher cost.

Generally-speaking, the more the item being protected is worth, the higher the cost the RFID tag will be to protect it. However, these high-value items can see their tags lasting for many decades, as they often also store information in the form of maintenance history for as long as an item is in use or storage.

Tags which combine the ability to manage inventory along with deterring theft can also be of great benefit to a business owner. Again, while these can be expensive, they are also able to be reused, which results in greater cost savings over the long run.

Another way for the business wanting to use RFID tags to increase security is to avoid the purchase of a different tag for every product category. Instead, they can standardise a few tags.

Tags are an important part of RFID Security

It’s important to ensure that the tags you’ve selected are well aligned with the items you need to track. Only then will you be able to narrow a wide selection of tags down to the most appropriate few that will work most efficiently for you. Having only a few tags will also make it much easier when the time comes to test them in the warehouse or sales floor.

Investing the time into choosing the right RFID tag for your business will result in a product that not only secures your items, but that also provides your business with the metrics it needs to increase value to customers even further.

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