Are Your Labels Sitting Around? Here’s How to put them to good use

Thinking about any kind of printing label likely brings to mind the use of a printer. After all, that’s what most labels are for these days – for printing information on. But there are actually many other ways you can use your labels that don’t involve using a printer at all.

A Personal Touch

With the holidays quickly approaching, the more creative you are the better. So if your labels have been sitting around waiting to be used, why not use them to get personal? Whether you’re writing a letter, putting your name on a gift or simply want to communicate on a different level with customers, hand-writing your inkjet labels will certainly give that personal touch.

Now, there’s nothing saying that you need the skills of a professional calligrapher to impress your recipients. In fact, your regular handwriting will probably be enough to impress in a day and age where handwriting is more of a dying art. But one word of caution: once you’ve decided to hand-write your labels, ensure you’ve left yourself enough time, as doing it this way will take longer than if you were to use a printer.

Fancy Family Dinners

If you’re hosting a Christmas or other formal dinner at your home, your labels can play an important part. You can make simple place cards by folding a piece of cardstock paper, and then sticking a label to it. Then, simply write the person’s name on it. You can also make it more fun by leaving a coloured pencil at each seat, and letting guests decorate their own labels.

If you’ve run out of Christmas gift labels, you can give a festive feel to plain labels with a few colours and a few minutes.

De-cluttering with Style

If you have a basement or other storage area that’s full of miscellaneous items, labels can help here too. Permanent inkjet labels are perfect for this purpose, as you can just peel and stick them onto a box you’ve filled with similar items for easy sifting when looking for something you need.

Labels can also come in handy in the kitchen or pantry, where you may have several similar storage containers for things like flour, tea bags, noodles and the like.

Organise for the New Year

It won’t be long before we’ll be bringing in 2016. If your New Year’s resolution is to get more organised, labels can also help with this. If you already have coloured labels, you can devise a colour-coding system. But even plain white labels can be used – just grab some coloured pencils.

Where differences in colour won’t suffice, you can also add notes to your labels. This will assist you with knowing what items go where. If you already have labels that need to be used, you can get to work almost immediately. If you need to purchase labels, consider what you will be attaching them to, as both permanent and temporary labels are available.

The possibilities for using labels to organise are virtually endless. Whether you need to track chores at home, or keep an eye on business files or schedules, using coloured labels is a very handy system to use.

Using your labels for the tasks above also has other benefits. Over time, labels can become less adhesive. And if they’re not being used, they are costing you money. By using them now, you can ensure they’re being used for as long as possible before having to go out and purchase new labels. And if you normally have a hard time getting your labels to align properly in a printer, handwriting and decorating them by hand can provide a stress-free solution.

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