Are Your Labels Ready to Roll?

roll labelsAs a business owner, it’s likely that you are already using sheet inkjet labels to place on your packaging and other items, and it may be working well for you. But are the sheet labels you’re using working as well as they could be?

If you are finding that you’re shipping more products than you used to, you already know the advantages that sheet labels can bring. Well beyond the paper and tape that you may have previously used, your sheet labels offer a professional look to anything they’re stuck to, not to mention being far more economical than other labelling methods.

However, the roll label also has its advantages. In fact, if you’re wondering whether to make the switch to a different type of label, the roll label may be the solution you’ve been searching for. There are many advantages to making the switch.

You Only Print What’s Needed

Roll labels can drastically reduce the waste generated by your company. Because you only print what you need, there is no waste from attempting to line up addresses on a sheet. The incorrect aligning of a printer is enough to cause many sheet labels to be wasted.

Lower Cost per Label

Those wishing to stay within budget will be happy to know that roll labels allow for just that. In fact, they are actually lower in cost than sheet labels. The higher the volume of products you ship, the more evident the savings will become. High-volume shippers continue to choose roll labels for their ability to save money whilst making shipping easier.

A Larger Selection of Materials

Roll labels are available in a slew of materials, from polypropylene to metallic to high-gloss. With so many label options, it’s no wonder that this label type is so popular among businesses.

Faster Printing

Roll labels tend to print faster than sheet labels. This means more labels are able to be printed in a certain period of time. The roll simply needs to be fed into a digital roll-fed printer, and hundreds of labels can be printed in a fraction of the time it would take for sheet labels to print.

Roll Label Considerations

As with anything, there are some items to think about when switching to roll labels, the first being the volume of products being shipped. In order to realise the full value of switching to roll labels, a business must ship a large volume of items on a frequent basis.

More Variety

Roll labels are available in a greater variety of shapes than sheet labels are. They can even be customised to fit your unique application. This is not possible with sheet labels. The potential for creativity with roll labels is virtually limitless.

The way you can print with roll labels is also another thing to consider. Only thermal transfer and direct thermal printers can be used to print this particular type of label. These printers represent a considerable initial outlay. However, just as with roll labels, the value of these printers will become apparent very quickly for those who ship frequently and in large volumes. And, choosing a direct thermal printer means no extra cost in the form of ink or ribbons.

If you’re looking to print in colour, this will not be possible with a direct thermal printer, as it can only print in black. You can get colour with a thermal transfer printer. But even this is limited, as you can only print in the colour of the ribbon you’ve chosen.

When you consider the professional look and many options that roll labels can provide your business with, you can leave your home printer behind and look forward to more colourful, creative and attention-getting labels.

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