Are You Using This Incredibly Versatile Security Label?

There are hundreds, possibly thousands of types of security labels out there. But some labels offer a higher degree of versatility than others. One of these versatile labels is the vinyl sticky label. This small marvel offers incredible durability and is used in several industries for a wide range of purposes, including certification, security, and maintenance and repair.

The Maintenance Industry

The vinyl sticky label is ideal for maintenance of any kind, from appliances to warehouse equipment. It is absolutely vital to keep track of maintenance and repair work that has either already been done or will need to be done in future. Businesses can accomplish this with a vinyl label.

Because this type of label is unlikely to fade and is very difficult to remove, a record of the item’s repair history can be easily recorded by maintenance personnel and kept over the long term. The best part of having this kind of record is that it is always easy to find, as it is fixed onto the item itself.

A vinyl label can also help to market your business, acting like a permanent business card when you place your name and contact information on it.

The Vinyl Label in the Store Room

Keeping on top of everything in your company store room can be messy if all you have is a writing implements and product numbers. Enter the vinyl label, which can solve this problem in several ways. Because it can stand up to a wide range of temperatures, a vinyl label ensures that all your products can be easily identified, wherever they are stored.

The vinyl label can offer many benefits in terms of tracking. Simply write your product details, serial numbers etc on your label, and you can ensure that all of your items can be easily found and despatched each time.

For Security

Keeping track of the electronic devices you’ve purchased, maintained or repaired for your business would be far more difficult without the vinyl security label. They can also warn you of trouble should you attempt to fix or tamper with certain parts of electronic items. Those who manufacture items for sale also use these labels for to validate the warranty. For example, if you have a ‘void if removed’ sticker on the office air conditioning system, your maintenance person can always know that it is safe for them to start maintenance or repair work.

Making it Your Own

If you’re a crafty individual, the unique items you make and sell can benefit much from a vinyl label. From brewing to furniture restoration, no matter what your passion, a vinyl label with your company name, contact information and product identification has many benefits. Not only will you be able to store items nearly indefinitely, but you can always know they will be easy to identify when the time comes to sell them.

If you need to transport or store your items, these labels can also ensure readability of your company’s mark should the weather become very cold, warm or wet. Your customers can also be assured of authenticity, no matter when your items were purchased or what conditions they endured from warehouse to door.

Of course, the above uses only represent a few of the many for vinyl labels. They are also a priceless addition to any office to identify company property, as well as being incredibly useful for providing peace of mind to customers by communicating professional certification. Regardless of the way in which they are used, there is no doubt that the vinyl label is a valuable addition to any business, factory or other facility.

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