A Different kind of Security Label

When one thinks of security labels, they may think of an RFID tag or a tamper-proof label. But there is another kind of security label that can increase your safety: the home security label.

We all want to ensure that our loved ones and our valuables are kept safe. And one way to increase that security is to install a security system. These systems can range from simple to elaborate, but many of them have the same characteristic: they are virtually invisible. An invisible security system is ingenious, as it offers an element of surprise; any burglar thinking to enter a home armed with an invisible security system is sure to get the shock of their life when they enter a home, only to find law enforcement at the property a few minutes later.

Benefits of Home Security Labels

Unfortunately, in the above scenario, the thief is already inside the home when law enforcement arrives. With a home security label, that thief may think twice. Let’s face it; a home security system’s purpose is to deter thieves from entering a home. A home security label can do the same thing. When anyone sees that label in your window, they are instantly warned that your home is protected by some sort of security system. Therefore, should they choose to try and break in, they are taking a risk that an alarm will be set off and they will ultimately be arrested for their efforts.

If you’ve ever wondered about the actual effectiveness of a home security label, consider this: those homes that advertise a security system are less likely to get broken into than those homes that don’t advertise.

As well, although the cost to purchase security system for your home can be substantial, the cost to purchase home security labels is not. Even if you wanted to place a home security label in every window of your home, it still wouldn’t make nearly as much of a dent in your finances as would the cost of a system.

Another benefit of having a home security label is that you can place it anywhere on your premises.

Whether or not you have a home security system installed, placing signs to that effect may help your neighbourhood. Who knows; one of your neighbours could see your signs, and start thinking about how to better secure their own property. Should this idea take hold, your entire neighbourhood could be better for it.

No One Needs to Know

Don’t have enough money to afford those expensive alarm systems? No one in your neighbourhood needs to know. You don’t necessarily have to have an actual system in place if you want to put up a sign on your lawn or security labels in your windows.

Although a burglar may still choose to enter your premises after having read your sign, they are far more likely to keep away from your home and choose another that looks more vulnerable to them.

However, there is a consideration if you plan to have this type of security label printed and place it in your windows or on your lawn: it may be best to refrain from using a security company’s name if you don’t have a system installed, as this can place you at risk legally. Instead, consider using a phrase like “This property is protected by an alarm system. Trespass at your own risk.”

On the other hand, using a security company’s name can benefit that company, as it represents free advertising for them. And security companies always want to get their names in front of the public.

Where it comes to your peace of mind, no price is too low. But the few dollars that home security labels cost certainly offer a far more affordable way to protect your premises.

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