5 Reasons Why Professional Label Printing Is Better For Your Business

There are many resources available online if you’re looking to print your own labels. However, none of them can guarantee perfect results every time. Professional printing can save you the time, stress and frustration you might experience when doing it yourself.

1) Setups are Easy

There are literally hundreds of different styles, shapes, colours and materials for labels. In addition, there are a wide range of finishes, as well as several different types of printer inks. Finally, you need to make sure you’re using the right printer for the labels you’ve chosen.

Where it comes to inkjet labels for your business, the professionals already have the know-how to ensure the right setup for the labels you’re using. They have all the required equipment ready to print whatever labels you may need. They can also print in the large volumes you require without a long waiting period.

2) Reliable Outcomes Every Time

Even though it’s been made for a business, your printing equipment may only be able to handle printing a certain number of labels at a time; for example, a standard office printer was not designed to print more than 5,000 pieces per month. Overwork it, and you may begin to notice a decrease in performance.

The industrial-level equipment at your professional printer has a far more robust design, able to retain print quality through long printing periods at high volume. Not only that, but the maintenance of the equipment in their hands, meaning you don’t have to risk overworking your own machine.

3) It Costs Less

Yes, label printing costs money. But it also costs in terms of time. If you need a thousand labels printed, how much time will that take, especially if you are inexperienced and still need to set up your equipment? It is true there are many products out there which allow for do-it-yourself business printing. However, you need to learn how to use that equipment, which also costs you in terms of time.

Another cost is wastage. If the first batch doesn’t turn out, you will need to throw it away and start again. The most cost-effective alternative in terms of both time and money is to seek the services of a professional printer.

4) Better Representation of your Business

The look of all of your business items, including your labels, says a lot about your company. Will DIY labels send the right message? A lot of design work goes into labels to ensure that they clearly communicate the message about a company and the quality of its products. There is simply no room for short cuts with your labels.

Your professional printer also likely has a team of design professionals on hand to help you design a label that makes a good impression. This kind of experience, when paired with the high quality printing they provide, is a winning combination that can really make your company stand out.

5) Higher Quality of Print

Many business owners aren’t aware that print quality can vary greatly between an office printer and a professional printer. What may be considered excellent quality by office printer standards may only be satisfactory in a professional printer’s eyes. The special equipment used by printing companies allows for labels to be produced with the highest possible print quality.

If you’re convinced about the benefits of professional printing, the next thing to do is to call your local printer. They can worry about the deadline, setup, time and printing know-how, and all you need to do is wait for the phone call that your professional labels are ready to be applied to your products. It really is that simple.


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