Signs That You Need Warehouse Labels

Warehouses all over the world experience many of the same challenges. Long waiting times for inventory picking and impassable aisles are just two of the many common problems encountered. However, a simple solution can solve most or all of them: the warehouse label. Although it may seem unlikely, when strategically placed, these labels can completely eliminate common issues. If you find that your warehouse is having similar problems to the ones below, it may be time to implement this these solutions.

Not Enough Floor Space

Inefficient use of space in your warehouse can contribute to the traffic jams and other issues you may be experiencing. Labels alone will not solve this issue; your inventory will need to undergo reorganising. For example, less frequently-picked inventory should be located on higher shelves. However, once reorganisation is complete, the addition of bar code security labels on all shelves and the use of companion software will ensure that inventory that is picked most frequently is very easy, and therefore less time-consuming, to determine.

You’re Not Using Scanners

It is true that inventory used to be done manually. However, if you’re still doing this is in your warehouse, then this is likely the cause of many of your current challenges. Here again, warehouse labels can be a great help. No longer do you have worry about human error or delayed shipments; you simply fix bar code labels to your items for employees to scan electronically. This makes their job easier, as well as providing far more accurate information. It also takes far less time for employees to complete.

Your Current Labels are not Cutting It

If your labels are peeling, ripping off or becoming unreadable, this could also be a major contributor to the many issues your warehouse may be experiencing. Even the slightest unreadability can mean major delays in order picking, and cause equipment to remain in aisles longer than it needs to, causing even more delays. Your warehouse requires a specific type of label; one which will not break down with temperature changes or become unreadable over time. Implementing durable labels that can handle cold storage, inclement weather, and high traffic volumes can indeed solve many problems.

Staff are Taking Too Long to Move Inventory

If it’s taking far longer than it should to pick inventory in your warehouse and then move it to shipping areas, this is a definite sign that more durable labels are needed. When labels are easy to read and scan, no time needs to be lost. To implement this solution effectively, labels need to be located on the floor as well as on aisles, whether they are of the fixed mount or aisle variety. Ensuring that labels are placed in all of these areas will allow employees to find the warehouse areas they need in far less time. When rack labels are also in use, employees can be confident about the items they pick.

Cautions and Considerations

Errors can also occur with the implementation of labelling system For example, regardless of how simple your solution may be, it’s vital to ensure that all employees have been notified of the changes. Not doing so will render even the most sophisticated labelling and scanning systems inefficient.

Far before the system is even implemented, notifying employees of the impending change will prevent much frustration and lost time. Before the system is implemented warehouse-wide, training should occur so that employees know how to properly use the system, as well as solve any challenges they may encounter while using it.

Finally, it should be said that the above issues only represent a fraction of the problems that can arise as the result of inefficient warehouse labelling. Regardless of what picking or storage problems your warehouse may be experiencing, the implementation of warehouse labels should definitely be a consideration.

How Iron-On Or Carpet Labels Can Enhance Your Products

If you are a textiles or clothing business, simple iron-on labels are a fast way of getting important information across to your customers. Here are some of the ways you can use iron-on inkjet labels:

Personal and Permanent

An iron-on label allows you to add a personal touch to every handmade item you sell. You have spent a lot of time to create something special, and so the best thing about the iron-on label can be that you don’t have to do any additional knitting or sewing; you need only grab an iron, place your label, and follow the instructions.

The iron-on label is made with permanency in mind; there is no worry that it will fall off of what you may attach it to, because these labels are made with permanent adhesive. These kinds of adhesives can handle hot washer and drying temperatures, fluctuations in humidity, and pulls and tugs from attempts to remove them.

Iron-on inkjet labels offer far more versatility than stickers, hang tags or other labelling solutions. You can design them to contain any number of elements, from your company name to the size of the garment (if applicable), to a place for a short and heartfelt message. There really is no limit beyond your imagination when it comes to iron-on labels.

Professional and Informative

Carpet labels provide your products with a professional touch that your customers will appreciate. Unlike other carpet tagging methods, the carpet label cannot be removed. This makes it an ideal way to give your customers the information they need about your products at a glance. For example, your carpet labels can contain information about your product’s physical properties like the pile and colour, and even contain the name of the range of carpeting so that customers can more easily locate the product they want.

For your shop staff, carpet labels can allow for a much easier time when inventory needs to be done. Instead of endless searching, employees can simply look in the designated spot on the product to find the information they need to enter into your system.

The easiest product to apply to carpet backing is the carpet pressure-sensitive label. These labels include a special adhesive which attaches immediately to the carpet backing when pressed on. No ironing is necessary for these particular labels, which means that staff can reduce the number of steps needed to secure these labels to your products.

Lots of Variety

Both iron-on and carpet labels are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and finishes so that there is something for every preference. Satin-look labels can provide your gifts and products with that perfect elegant touch. Some labels like Matt Thick allow you to adhere them to your items, and then write on them. This adds a wonderful personal touch to your items. However, if you are doing this, you want to take care to use permanent fabric markers, as this will ensure that your label doesn’t fade, bleed or get washed away when water or other liquid is applied to it.

These labels are also available in many types of packaging. You can get iron-on and carpet labels by the roll as well as by the sheet. For a truly unique look and feel, these inkjet labels can also be had in fancy shapes that have been die-cut.

If you are having trouble choosing the right labels for your products, it can help greatly to speak to a professional printer such as Jenacre. We will be able to help you choose the perfect label for all of your personal and business requirements.

How Labels are Used to Promote Health & Safety

Labels are instrumental in ensuring the safety of millions of people in many different ways. When you think of security labels, you may think about protecting items like factory machinery, or office equipment like computers and other devices. But security labels are also used to protect human health and our environment.

Labels Provide Clarity

In terms of text labels, individuals can know what ingredients are contained in food and pharmaceuticals. However they can also help to facilitate understanding when information is presented on labels using simple images in addition to or instead of text. In countries with low or poor literacy, products labelled with simple images can save lives, allowing for readability regardless of literacy level.

Help for the Environment

In addition to helping secure human health, labels also help to secure the health of the environment. With landfills quickly filling in the UK, and aggressive targets in place to reduce the amount of waste that goes to them, labels are absolutely crucial.

Labels alert consumers about the ability of certain products to be recycled. They also keep consumers informed about the amount of recycled content in the products they use, which can inspire more recycling activity.

The confusion surrounding which bins to use for which products can also be avoided by clearly labelling each recycling bin for its respective product so that consumers can recycle more efficiently.

Possible Allergens and Toxicity

Allergies are on the rise, it seems; it is estimated that as many as one in fifty infants now suffer from a nut allergy. These kinds of allergies can cause anaphylaxis to occur, which can lead to a far more serious condition if not addressed immediately. Some nut allergy sufferers are so sensitive to these triggers that they cannot even be in the same room with peanuts without having an allergic reaction.

In these cases, it is vital to know what is contained in the foods you either buy for your allergic child or for the sake of your child’s allergic school mates. Many schools have now banned peanut products altogether, and manufacturers of products like snack bars are now ensuring the safety of their products and communicating their creation in a nut-free facility via their product labels.

Potentially poisonous products are also communicated using warning labels. For example, the chemicals in lice treatments require a certain degree of caution when using and applying. Certain restrictions also apply to the disposal of the containers these treatments are sold in.


Whilst the increased use of warning labels is a very good thing, there are some cases where work is still needed. Many are of the opinion that certain types of labels should be standardised for easy reading and interpretation, regardless of where the reader is located.

Standardisation of the information on labels is a good idea. However, it does require participation on a global scale, as well as a consensus on the most effective labels. This has already been accomplished in some industries, but takes time and resources to implement correctly.

Healthy Labels

With labels being used on so many products, and considering the increasing urgency to lower our carbon footprint, it only makes sense that the labels themselves are made to be biodegradable wherever possible. These eco-labels are already in place on many products, and are made either from materials which have previously been recycled, or made of biodegradable materials. They can also contain both. Eco-labels can also contain natural adhesives to ensure their complete breakdown, and can be manufactured without the use of wood-sourced paper, such as is the case with plant fibre labels. Even the coatings on these labels can be eco-friendly, as is the case when corn is used to make the coating film instead of petroleum.

With the world seeming to move at a faster pace than ever before, there is no doubt that our reliance on the information communicated by labels is increasing.

Are You Using This Incredibly Versatile Security Label?

There are hundreds, possibly thousands of types of security labels out there. But some labels offer a higher degree of versatility than others. One of these versatile labels is the vinyl sticky label. This small marvel offers incredible durability and is used in several industries for a wide range of purposes, including certification, security, and maintenance and repair.

The Maintenance Industry

The vinyl sticky label is ideal for maintenance of any kind, from appliances to warehouse equipment. It is absolutely vital to keep track of maintenance and repair work that has either already been done or will need to be done in future. Businesses can accomplish this with a vinyl label.

Because this type of label is unlikely to fade and is very difficult to remove, a record of the item’s repair history can be easily recorded by maintenance personnel and kept over the long term. The best part of having this kind of record is that it is always easy to find, as it is fixed onto the item itself.

A vinyl label can also help to market your business, acting like a permanent business card when you place your name and contact information on it.

The Vinyl Label in the Store Room

Keeping on top of everything in your company store room can be messy if all you have is a writing implements and product numbers. Enter the vinyl label, which can solve this problem in several ways. Because it can stand up to a wide range of temperatures, a vinyl label ensures that all your products can be easily identified, wherever they are stored.

The vinyl label can offer many benefits in terms of tracking. Simply write your product details, serial numbers etc on your label, and you can ensure that all of your items can be easily found and despatched each time.

For Security

Keeping track of the electronic devices you’ve purchased, maintained or repaired for your business would be far more difficult without the vinyl security label. They can also warn you of trouble should you attempt to fix or tamper with certain parts of electronic items. Those who manufacture items for sale also use these labels for to validate the warranty. For example, if you have a ‘void if removed’ sticker on the office air conditioning system, your maintenance person can always know that it is safe for them to start maintenance or repair work.

Making it Your Own

If you’re a crafty individual, the unique items you make and sell can benefit much from a vinyl label. From brewing to furniture restoration, no matter what your passion, a vinyl label with your company name, contact information and product identification has many benefits. Not only will you be able to store items nearly indefinitely, but you can always know they will be easy to identify when the time comes to sell them.

If you need to transport or store your items, these labels can also ensure readability of your company’s mark should the weather become very cold, warm or wet. Your customers can also be assured of authenticity, no matter when your items were purchased or what conditions they endured from warehouse to door.

Of course, the above uses only represent a few of the many for vinyl labels. They are also a priceless addition to any office to identify company property, as well as being incredibly useful for providing peace of mind to customers by communicating professional certification. Regardless of the way in which they are used, there is no doubt that the vinyl label is a valuable addition to any business, factory or other facility.