Coloured Inkjet Labels

In the world of inkjet labels, there are many choices, depending on what you will be using them for. The coloured label is one of them, and it is at the top of the list of most practical label types. But this type of label often goes overlooked by those needing exactly what they can provide, which is attention for products and important documents.

Likely the simplest of the coloured labels are the small round labels. These labels can be seen during almost every store sale, communicating to customers that there’s something special about the product they are attached to.

Get Attention

Using coloured inkjet labels is a great way to get your products to stand out from the rest. And this can be done in many ways. You can use the colour of a label as part of your product’s logo, or use it to attract attention to a certain feature, such as a limited edition or on-sale product.

Get Control

In a warehouse setting, the coloured label can be incredibly useful for stock controlling, rotation mailings, dispatch and ID labels that identify products by label colour.

Coloured labels can also work well in an office setting, identifying similar files or subjects, saving you hours of time in locating the documents you need.

Business Benefits

Coloured labels can be used to mark the week’s most urgent tasks, as well as to label file cabinets in an office. They can also be used to indicate employee absences and holidays on a calendar.

In addition to their original colour, these labels can also be over-printed with another colour using inkjet, laser or thermal printing. The level of flexibility is also virtually unlimited, allowing you to create your own design. In no time, your colour labels can be printed for promotional or personal use.

Coloured labels allow businesses to project a professional image. Brand enhancement, as well as a unique look when compared to other labels are two ways to achieve greater impact. Even if an original logo is little more than a plain black outline, having a colour behind it can add loads of contrast, which can attract even more attention.

Depending on the material they are made from, coloured labels can offer resistance and durability. Many types of labels are resistant to things like sunlight, humidity and frost, in addition to regular wear and tear.

And although not often an aspect that’s focused on, few can argue the user-friendliness of the coloured label. There is no need to understand anything beyond where on a product you wish the label to be placed.

Another business benefit in having coloured labels professionally printed is that you can save a lot of time and money doing it yourself. Believe it or not, sometimes a large volume produced by a professional printer is more cost effective than printing out labels at home, one at a time.

Formats and Finishes

Coloured inkjet labels are available in several formats. Whether an A4 sheet or coloured roll-fed thermal labels, these products can also be made with a range of finishes including thermal transfer and direct thermal. There are other label types, such as vinyl and polyester which can withstand wear and tear over months and years.

Should You Have Your Coloured Labels Printed Professionally?

Although you may think it is easier to print your labels yourself, there are many benefits to getting them professionally printed. If you’re a small company, it’s likely you don’t have the time, staff or resources to do printing work in-house, especially when there’s so much else to take care of. A professional printer has the equipment and the know-how to create the quality labels you need.

Data Storage and Security with RFID

rfidSmart labels are an increasingly popular way to keep items safe, and RFID or radio frequency identification is at the top of the list. Smart labels are sensitive to pressure and all have some kind of inlay or transponder located under the label itself. RFID security labels are really part of a wireless system.

RFID offers a way for businesses to improve efficiency where the management of their assets is the priority. Often, RFID represents only one facet of a complete system which also includes bar codes and manual data entry.

Data Storage

Because of their capacity to handle varying amounts of information from a single number to several pages’ worth of data, RFID tags can be found most anywhere. Other means of tracking such as barcodes can only hold a small amount of information, and only in a single format.

Types of RFID

There are two options if you are choosing RFID for tracking and security purposes: passive and active.

Along with a reader, the passive RFID system works to communicate certain information to nearby customers. The reader emits radio waves, but also receives signals from surrounding tags. Passive RFID readers can have fixed or mobile readers. A fixed reader system allows assets to be monitored on a continuous basis without human input.

The active RFID system has no reader because the tag itself is one. This type of system is very useful for monitoring products and other assets over a large area without the need for manual activation or monitoring and human input.

Of course, each has its own disadvantages. The passive RFID system, for example can present a challenge to mount in some scenarios. As well, drops in the network can cause difficulty in maintaining communication with the RFID reader. The active RFID system’s large tags can make these readers difficult to mount also. As well, the lifecycle of active tags is 5 years, and network access to them can be a daunting task to provide.

Why is RFID Popular?

The reasons that several business owners are choosing to use RFID tags are many. RFID tags work without needing any line of sight, where their barcode counterparts must be able to be seen and read by lasers. As well, the barcode system requires not only the barcode itself to be clean and free of damage, but the ‘eye’ of the reader must also be clean and clear.

RFID tag systems, whether active or passive can withstand all kinds of weather and temperature extremes. They are also able to be read from some distance away, making their information accessible from virtually anywhere.

As stated previously, the fact that a single tag can store pages of information makes it a small database with incredibly high portability. Not only that, but multiple RFID tags can be read at one time, as well as have information sent to them simultaneously. A barcode’s information is not able to be changed once it has been encoded.

Another reason why RFID tags are so popular is that equipment, people or items can be tracked in real time. This alone has several benefits, including the ability to track something or someone that has left a designated area during off hours, which can prevent thousands of pounds in tampering and theft.

Of course, bar codes are still an ideal means of tracking smaller assets, as well those items that need to remain free of clutter or be aesthetically pleasing. At the end of the day, choosing to implement an RFID system will include a significant upfront cost. However, the many benefits of using this system for security purposes tend to far outweigh the disadvantages.

Pre-Printed Inkjet Label Services: The Perfect Solution for Businesses of all Sizes

The needs of businesses can vary based on a range of factors, which includes the size of the business. Smaller businesses often have very different requirements when it comes to tools and resources. This is because in many cases they do not have the in-house staff to perform certain functions. Larger corporations, on the other hand, tend to have a far bigger pool of employees, which means that they may not need as much outside assistance as their smaller counterparts.

However, when it comes to products and services such as pre-printed inkjet label services, businesses of all sizes can benefits. There are many advantages to using this type of service for both large and small businesses. The benefits can vary based on the size of your business but it something that can prove invaluable to businesses in all sorts of industries.

How pre-printed inkjet label services can help larger businesses

Many large businesses and corporate giants have a large number of employees that work in different areas of the business. The diverse expertise of these employees means that many tasks that smaller companies might outsource, such as HR or legal services, can be performed in-house. However, as a large company the chances are that a lot of correspondence is sent out and a lot of label printing work has to be carried out on a daily basis. Although you may have a large team of employees, having them spend time printing out labels in large volumes means that they cannot get on with their other tasks – ones that could have a profound impact on the business.

Outsourcing this task to a pre-printed inkjet label services provider will enable you to eliminate this issue. You will still be able to get these large volumes of labels printed up when you need them. However, you won’t have to take vital staff members away from their own work in order to print labels. Even if you have administrative employees, there are probably many more pressing things that they can be doing than large volume label printing. Outsourcing the printing provides you with an effective and affordable solution as a larger business.

How this type of service can help smaller businesses

Pre-printed inkjet label service providers can also help small businesses but from a different perspective. A small business is unlikely to have anywhere near as much correspondence to deal with as a larger company. However, smaller businesses are also less likely to have the same level of manpower, which means fewer people available to perform tasks such as label printing. It doesn’t really make sense for the owner or manager of the small business to spend time performing this type of task, as there are more important things for them to do. This is where outsourcing to a professional printing company can prove really useful.

Inkjet label printing companies are able to cater for smaller volumes as well as high volume printing. This means that even if you do not require huge amounts of printing or you don’t need inkjet label printing on a regular basis, you can still benefit from their services. This will also save you the cost and hassle of purchasing labels and printing equipment to do carry out label printing yourself.